Commitment To Quality
Since the beginning, Sada Medical basic aims is to provide integrated solutions and to promote medical equipment and laboratory instruments for worldwide with Quality Tested Products and Technical Support.

The core activities of the Bluestone Ltd. company is manufacture the medical autoclave sterilizer for hospital and clinics and steam sterilization instruments for lab.
Having a range of high technology products, Bluestone Ltd. is able to fulfill the needs of its customers.

Considering thoroughly the company’s quality support and customer service, Bluestone Ltd. employs a team of specially trained engineers.

Bluestone Ltd. aims at the best possible performance and high quality.

The company’s philosophy is based on the customer’s needs, always making sure to offer high quality products and services that will allow increasing the efficiency and competitiveness, through Total Quality Management (TQM) and Continuous Improvement Processes.

That is why we created our own laboratory to test all of our products. Our staff is our power, consisting of young people, carefully selected and always with exceptional care and always willing to enrich their knowledge through continuous education, in order to always be part of development and innovation.

Bluestone Ltd. is suitable for clients of the private and public hospitals, laboratory, university, scientific institute, offering complete sterilization solutions in medical equipments and lab.


Medical Autoclave, Lab Autoclave Sterilizer.