Company Profile

Hefei Sada Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company of the autoclave and sterilizer machines. Our high pressure steam autoclaves are for medical and lab industrial sterilization.

We provide sterilization solutions for medical, pharmaceutical and the agriculture industry and steam sterilizers, autoclaves for dental offices, clinics and hospitals. The products include:

Steam Autoclaves

Top-Loading / Vertical Autoclaves

Front-Loading Autoclaves

Benchtop Autoclaves

Rectangular Autoclaves

Power Door Autoclaves

Double-Ended / Pass-Through Autoclaves

Horizontal Autoclaves

Large Capacity Autoclaves

Custom Autoclaves

We apply our technology and experience into creating solutions for the sterilization industries.

Why do we do it?
Our vision is to fulfill the market needs for the sterilization industries, and provide reliable, flexible, programmable, affordable and safe sterilization equipment.